Neutrinos, parasites, and Vino


Two articles from Science News make for interesting reading on frigid January nights.  First, the hunt for the elusive neutrino brings some tantalizing results that might explain why the universe contains more matter than antimatter.  Neutrinos 

Next up is a parasite that infects the human brain and may impact personality over time.  Don’t get too comfortable..there’s a decent chance this alien is in your brain too.  Of course, cats are involved in this spooky story.  Things in your Brain.

Finally, I tried to capture neutrinos bouncing off this wine bottle.  Since tens of trillions of neutrinos pass through every person on earth every second, I figured I could isolate a couple as they passed through some good wine.  #experimentfailed

Still, this wine…if you should be so lucky to find it in a local wine shop…is good stuff.  For the price (< $15), this vino comes with good body and consistent flavor.  It’s dry, delivers good tannins, and dark flavors that you must explore on your own.


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